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Rescue Men - The Story of the Pea Island Life Savers - A Film by Allan R. Smith

The Filmmakers


Photo of Allan R. Smith, Executive Producer and Director of Rescue Men Documentary
Allan R. Smith

Photo of Vivian Callahan, Writer and Post Production Subervisor of Rescue Men Documentary
Vivian Callahan

Photo of Steve Essig, Director of Photography
Steve Essig

Photo of David Wright, Writer, Associate Producer and Technical Advisor of Rescue Men Documentary
David Wright

Photo of David Zoby, Writer, Associate Producer and Technical Advisor of Rescue Men Documentary
David Zoby


presents a film by Allan R. Smith
"Rescue Men: The Story of the Pea Island Life Savers"

Allan R. Smith Productions is an award winning full service Production Company, with over 30 years of experience in the film industry. We specialize in extreme production environments and have captured stunning footage around the World. Whether it is in Death Valley's 120 degree heat, 110 feet deep on a sunken freighter in Truk, Micronesia, the extreme of Alaska, or the humid jungles of Indonesia, we have been there.

Allan R. Smith Productions award winning team produces outdoor adventure shows for network and cable broadcasts, documentary films, as well as working with adventure travel companies to producing programming distributed on DVD and the INTERNET. With a focus on Social Media, we work together to produce a media campaign to maximize exposure and draw in the client. Our specialty is shooting in the most extreme & hostile conditions, from Jungles, the Arctic, Deserts, to under water videography.

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Picture of Rescue Men Life Savers
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